Hi I am Tapas behera , An Analyst of E-Commerce Finance & Payment reconciliation , I am writing the same blog to make clarity about Payment reconciliation of Limeroad – A.M. Marketplaces Pvt. Ltd

Well , Limeroad is a Growing E-Commerce Portal for Fashion & home decor  ,Many sellers are doing a good number of  business with Limeroad, at the end all business man want to know their payment is safe or not, all orders has a settlement or not . so at this time then need help of Payment reconciliation.

Key Points or tools of Limeroad Reconciliation

1-Log In to Dashboard – http://vendor.trunkroute.com/vendorportal/

2-Go to Seller Portal New-  http://seller.trunkroute.com/vendor_inventory/inventory

3-Look left top side , three line based , click there and go to down -Payment summary

4-Click on Payment summary –  http://seller.trunkroute.com/payments/summary

5-For Reconciliation we actually need 2 data (a-Sales Reports , b-Payment reports)

6-Get sales data to click on icon- Click here to download various monthly reports(Reports will get live from 4th of every month) and click on Payment sale return reports & same how get the payment data –  Click here to view payment details created after 1st January 2017

So now your all required details on your hand , now Get sales reports and remove all the returns , Go to Product description and remove all limeroad gold, as that added only for Marketing not for Payment , Also I need to give a brief idea to you about COD /Shipping charges added on Limeroad Invoice, it’s depends up on your MOU and discussion with LR team, if it’s written all COD/Shipping charges would go to seller then it would be pay to you or vise versa.

So You need to Go through your MOU before got to Reconciliation , now go to sales sheet check order Id & suborder Id both are separate you need to merge through concatenate formula and middle part is ” S”, then make the pivot on your payment sheet , take order id, Margin, Sales , return , Margin %ge , Adjustment etc, then you can check how much your orders settled , how much returned , how much now unpaid stage and discrepancy .

What you need to check very carefully .

1-SLA/Penalty Section

2-Packaging section

3-Marketing Debit Section

4-TCS debit should match with GST portal as well as taxable order value

5-Invoice value vs Payment sheet Invoice value vs Your Listing Invoice value

6-Check your Payment at Limeroad Portal taking 15 days vs Bank 

Fell Free to Get in touch with us for E-Commerce Reconciliation and Taxation related queries .

With Regards

Tapas behera


Sr. Analyst E-Commerce

Financial & Accounts health

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