Dear Seller , Hope you all are well and doing great . I am Tapas behera , E-Commerce finance analyst , would like to explain about Meesho payment Reconciliation .

Meesho is leading ecommerce company and doing a great business in India most of small and medium scale sellers are getting a good number of orders due to Meesho , so we are here to thankful Meesho to provide a good business platform to sellers .

Important points about payment

Now meesho is the 1st e-commerce plat form who if giving payment by D+7 days to his sellers so you need to check with all Delivered orders payment you are getting post 7 days of Delivery or not, Meesho is Commission and shipping free company who is not charging any Commission or any Logistics to his sellers but in case of customer return Meesho will recover below amount as per product weight ,

A return shipping fee is a delivery charge that the supplier pays for a Customer Return. No fee is charged for a Courier Return (RTO).Fee is calculated as per total weight of returned item. Total weight = Item weight x Quantity

Total Weight(grams)Fee(Gross GST)
Upto 500₹120
501 to 1000₹166
1001 to 1500₹225
1501 to 2000₹278
2001 to 2500₹331
2501 to 3000₹384
3001 to 3500₹437
3501 to 4000₹490

Apart from this TCS 1% and TDS 1% on Taxable value is deducted from your payment which can claim later from IT portal and GST portal , also Which customer shipping added by Meesho that amount’s GST @18% will be deducted to sellers payment and that amount can claim at your GST portal also. Advertisement spend amount also adjusted with your payment.

Important points regarding Return -RTO

Meesho will provide return by 2 modes one is customer return and one is courier return , seller need to reconcile his return as all return physically received or not as per panel .

Advertisement cost
Advt Expenses is calculated by Cost per click and same amount will be always deducted from your up coming payment .

Regarding Final Payment Reconciliation

Seller all your shipped orders need to settled via payment or return if any gap found you can log a ticket at seller support and there is a nice support team those are helping very nicely ,

It’s all about Meesho payment reconciliation , we request every seller to do payment reconciliation , Profit and loss analysis for each and every online portal , you should do by your self or help with accounts team or an expert team of e-commerce ,

Feel free to get in touch with us for payment reconciliation services and all e-commerce related services as per details Below.


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