Role of an E-commerce Analyst. Is E-Commerce Payment reconciliation is a great problem to solve.

E-commerce Analyst (financial & Strategy)

Hi Viewers, This is Tapas behera , an Analyst of E-commerce (Finance & Payment Reconciliation), I started my carrier here by 2014. As per my knowledge, I would like to Put the definition of E-Commerce Analyst: Analyst is someone who is thorough in a particular area of practice, In e-commerce you should have grass root knowledge about all the portal and all the process used in retail e-commerce, It’s not a subject you can study and say I am an analyst . It’s the experience you gain and it’s the practice you did here, You should have knowledge from Operations – sales – marketing – Payment etc.

I believe E-commerce analyst has 2 categories, one is financial and another one is Strategy. Strategy level analyst can guide you about your sales, marketing, Growth & forecasting, whereas financial Analyst can guide you about your Payment, Reconciliation, NOC/NDC/TOI, Discount, Margin , Profit & Loss on order level, GST ,TDS etc. He can guide you step to step about your orders payment nature, excess received short received, Taxation accuracy etc. Well as I am an Analyst of E-commerce and My strength is financial so will discuss here the role of same.

Role of an E-commerce Analyst (Financial & Payment reconciliation)

Well, before you introduce yourself as an analyst, you should have more than 3 years of expertise in e-commerce sector under Accounting , Taxation , Payment reconciliation , Operation (Ware housing ) and you should have more than hundred discussion with Finance team of various E-commerce portal. Analyst roles & task discuss below.

  1. Analyst will check all the portal weekly , Monthly to know your payment and orders to order payment status , all payment received or not .
  2. He is the person who will claim for unpaid orders payment , dispute orders payment and discuss with finance team of various ecommerce portals .
  3. He will prepare monthly summary reports of Sales , Return , Cancellation , Commission , discount etc , it’s help to your accounts team to prepare actual GST.
  4. Analyst can guide you about LDC (Lower deduction Certificate )on TDS , it’s easy to your accounts team to deposit actual TDS on portal behalf .
  5. Another vital role of an analyst is to claim TDS from Portal.
  6. He is the Person can discuss with your CFO and CA and discuss about marginal issue with portal and suggest selling price , discount etc.
  7. Analyst can save more than lakhs in a month by proper payment reconciliation , it’s his primary task.
  8. Apart from That he should used to all portal , regarding fetch the data, new feature etc.

So we suggest an E-commerce analyst can make your business more profitable and power to save your single penny , MS Finance Services doing this role from last 5 years feel free to get in touch with us.

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