Ajio Payment Reconciliation

Dear Sellers , Hope you all are well and doing great . I am Tapas behera , E-Commerce finance analyst , would like to explain about Ajio’s payment Reconciliation , related to various module.

Well , You all aware about AJio , It’s a leading E-Commerce Marketplace place for sellers . AJio is running 3 Module currently as below.

1- SOR (Sales or Return)

2- B2B (Jit Module)

3- B2C (Commission and Logistics Marketplace )

SOR is the oldest method where seller got paid once product sold by Ajio at their ware house , that module seller direct billed to Ajio on bulk orders and for a particular month Ajio calculate Sales vs return and make the payment , previously the discount treated as normal expenses and no GST impact , difference GST got paid under final payment , but post April 2020 , Ajio is issuing GST Debit note for Discount which is Available under GSTR2A, this is a good method for seller on operational point of view and one time bulk payment .

B2B Is new Model under Ajio , where seller will get daily a Purchase Orders and dispatch to Ajio , and the payment will be happen 2 times a month as per Grned previous month for a stipulated period after deduction of return , Marketing etc.

B2C also a new module introduced by Ajio Marketplace , here customer will get regular and separate orders for individual customers and Seller need to ship and payment will be happen post Commission and Logistics deduction.

For Payment Reconciliation fell free to get in touch with us for Ajio or Any other market places .


Tapas behera

Finance Analyst (E-commerce)


mail : info.efinancereco@gmail.com

skype: tapasbeherapintu

Web : http://www.msfinance.in/

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