Dear Sellers, Hope you all are safe and Doing Great , I am Tapas behera , E-Commerce finance Analyst , I have written blogs and uploaded videos related to Myntra Payment Reconciliation for above model, Now We have developed Inventory reconciliation model to track FBM , PPMP , M -Direct orders stock from one state to another state movement or own ware house movement , as per us stock lost means direct loss , Please read below model so you can take care of your return.

FBM Module Stock Reconciliation :

In FBM Module You have 2 Facility , one is your own ware house and another one is Myntra Ware house , so you are transferring your goods to Myntra ware house through STN once you received STR , so every STR orders need to dispatch by Myntra Ops team or return to Your facility if Qc rejected , here point is that return comes to you may be Qc rejected or Courier return or Customer return , but all should come under a Gp code , you should check Qc rejected + Courier return and RTO should match with Gate pass and all gate pass should received to you , if you fail to receive any goods please raise a ticket on time so Myntra team can investigate and help you on this , if lost then can take spf claim.

PPMP / M-Direct Module Stock Reconciliation :

In PPMP or M-Direct module , you are operating orders from your warehouse and shipped goods individual packet to your customer separate , so if return coming please maintain a sheet for Order cancel packet and Courier and customer return packet , it will be easy to check all the return received or not , if found any mismatch please get in touch with Myntra support team for Quick help.

Feel Free to get in touch with us for Stock reconciliation , Payment reconciliation etc.


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